Samsung galaxy Alpha


Let me start properly and tell you that I really don’t give a s*it on this new Samsung smartphone. Not that I have anything against them or the phone, but i’m really tired of all those great phones that are getting just “better and better”. Why? I will tell you why!

Here is the description that came with the phone:

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Alpha, its first smartphone with a metal frame offering a “luxury look and feel.”

“It’s an entirely new look,” said a blog post unveiling the new phoneon the company’s U.K. website Wednesday.

Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones have traditionally been made of plastic, prompting criticism that they look and feel cheap compared with competitors in the higher-end smartphone market, such as the HTC One(which, like the Samsung Galaxy series, runs the Android operating system) and the iPhone, which has traditionally had a metal back, but comes in cheaper, plastic versions.

What do you think? Amazing right??

Nope. Nothing new, nothing better. Just another phone for a “quick buck”. And just how they do with the iPhone series and the Galaxy series. Every year a new phone with nothing new just wrapped in another box and you are just amazingly stupid to buy them.

I don’t have an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, actually my phone is not even “smart” (get it: “smartphone”). You know I believe that there was a time where you would buy a phone mostly for conversations. Now all the big boys do is focus on how to get you addicted to these useless gadgets and instead of improving something that really matters they just offer a “luxury look and feel.”

I’m tired of this s*it so I will leave things just how they are. I’m sure there will be a lot of people who will probably continue to waste their money on these. If you have money to spend, then do it in a more useful way. Don’t just waste them. It’s not normal to work you a$$ for months just to get the newest smartphone.

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