Gag of the day #1

my friend from irak

This is just a GAG (a joke). Don’t take it personally! Ok so me and my friend from Irak are playing some COD.. all intense and suddenly something strange happens. 😀

my friend from irak

I’m not sure if it’s even funny for you but when I first saw this image I was LMFAO. Probably not the best reaction but it’s still funny even now.

Now leaving the funny part, there are exactly two questions that popped into my mind after “reading this picture”. Want to hear them?
Ok here they are:

1. Has COD really implemented maps from real life into the game? I don’t find it that hard to believe and I even think that it would bee a great idea. But to create an exact map would be weird. Imagine if you would be playing games inside you’r real house.. That would be interesting and probably entertaining in some ways.. but it still sounds a little weird.

2. Why no one gives a s*hit for all the innocent people who die? Perhaps we will never know…

what year is it

But I got the answer and here it is: “Politics”. The word that keeps the world spinning.

If there would have been any profit i’m sure a lot of “people” would jump all the way and do something to end all that pointless war. But in their opinion it is better that way and we can’t do a s*it about it.

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