GTA San Andreas | mission 14

San Andreas gameplay

Here is the next episode of the series. Let me know if you want more by leaving a comment in the comment section below. 


Hey, who is this? What’s up homie? It’s Cesar Vialpando cabron, que honda? You seen Kendl? Yeah, she’s around. Pero mira, I was just hitting you up to say that you drive good and you like cars, eh, so eh… Yeah, I guess, where we going with this? Well yeah, you wanna make something, a little money? Does the Pope s*it in the woods? I don’t know, but if you do want a little extra, there’s plenty money to be made racing. there’s plenty money to be made racing. You’re talking illegal street racing, hell yeah! No hoopties, holmes, just lowriders. Nice ones. It gotta be nice, or you don’t get in, eh. OK, I’m in. When and where? Drop by the spot in El Corona, I’ll take you to the meet, vouch for you. These guys… These guys can be very nervous to new racers, eh.

Damn! Where the f*ck..? Man, what you doing? Digging graves? Nigga, f*ck you. Yeah – I’m feeling that. Yeah, yeah, that’s it, that’s it… C’mon, nigga, what you waiting for? Look! Let it go! Hold down the key to sneak. Press to pick up the crate. Press to put the crate in the truck. Find a crate, or get in the truck and go offload what you’ve already stashed. You no longer have the ski mask. Morning already.. wait a minute something doesn’t feel right here! As I was saying…. You did not manage to steal enough crates. You need to steal at least crates of guns. Noise I heard you for sure that time, I’m phoning the cops! The truck has been destroyed! You got too much heat on you. Lose the cops. Get safely back to the lockup. Ryder’s dead! You left the truck! Get back to it! Park the truck near the house and get the guns before daylight. You’re making too much noise, you have to sneak! You’ve left Ryder behind go and get him. Take the guns back to the truck. Go and fetch another crate. Do not run or you will be caught. There aren’t enough guns left to fill the truck! Park the truck inside the lockup.

See you next time with more stuff to watch.

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