Mistakes were made..


Hi! I have exactly three lines to convince you to read my post. The following article might turn out to be useful to you, but then again it could be a mistake. Yes, I’m here to talk about mistakes

There are exactly 2 reasons you can blame (yes apparently you can blame reasons) when you make a mistake:

First of all you can make a mistake from lack of knowledge. You make a lot of mistakes like that, but the fun and also the interesting fact is that we were created to almost never know when we do. You see, unless it’s obvious to you that something is wrong or a person who knows what he is doing comes and tells you that you did it wrong you will not be aware.

Conclusion 1: The more you invest in your knowledge the less mistakes you might do.

Second of all, you can make mistakes by lack of awareness. Now these kind of mistakes can get you fired. (not that the first ones can’t)..

FACT: you were “designed” to make mistakes. You are supposed to be wrong. Imagine if 10 thousand people independent  one from another decide to create a nuclear bomb (by far the best example) and they all manage to build it from the first try, without doing anything wrong. Yes, the nuclear bombs will probably get a lot cheaper and Putin will become less powerful but… dead… Get it?

Conclusion 2: We all make mistakes. We must learn something from every bad choice we make or we take.

Ultimate Conclusion: Don’t mess with The Putin.

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