The Truman Show review


“An insurance salesman/adjuster discovers his entire life is actually a T.V. show.” That’s the storyline of the movie that got 34 wins, 51 nominations and another 3 oscars nominations getting to be in top 250 movies of all the time. 

Why is this movie so good, you might ask. Well first of all because of the storyline: imagine that your whole life is a movie, that every single person around you is just acting.. When I got the opportunity to see the movie for the first time it proved to be an amazing source of inspiration and definitely a movie that got re-watched over and over again. For me this movie is definitely around top 20 – 30 ever made.

An amazing film performed by Jim Carrey, an actor that I enjoy watching and an actor that should have taken at least one oscar by now. And them we have  Peter Weir as a director, Andrew Niccol as a writer, and let’s not forget the other amazing actors such as Ed Harris, Laura Linney and the rest of the crew.

IF I would have to “describe” the movie in one sentence, that would be: “The World is Watching”. 

Now if you didn’t see the move now will be a good time to watch it. I am not going to give more spoilers about it but you must have been living under a rock if you missed this masterpiece. Oh and I forgot the mention that this movie has the main role played by Jim Carrey so you don’t have to bother to ask if it’s a comedy!

For those of you who watched the movie, I am expecting some interesting reviews in the comment section below.

APPROVED by FantasticSiur



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