Understanding Ukraine


Some interesting stuff for you if you want to understand a couple of things about Ukraine and about the problems of today happening in it. Good to know if you want to know 😉

For more interesting videos you can subscribe to John’s channel (the creator of this video). He is a very smart guy and the videos he creates are educational and good to know.

Now, this video is very interesting. Some say that it’s all nice and emotional, another say that it’s all bullsh*t. Here are a couple of interesting comments.

“Great example of the psychological impact – nice face that speaks about democracy and freedom)Beautiful picture,but where are the guys who burned police,where snipers,where slogans of bandera, seizure of government buildings and most importantly, all subsequent humiliation and bullying of police and people who think differently?But don’t worry Ukrainians Kerry and Obama correct all this. By the way good work in the United States Yulia”

“She is Ukrainian and wan to see her country full of debts and a lot of cuts in medical school and all the stuff that really matter for the people.”

“She is no bad looking, but she is sure VERY naive. Sure you government is corrupt, sure you want FREEDOM – after all I am Czech and escaped from CZ when I was 18, so I can relate how you feel, but to go with USA and joining EU is the most stupid thing you people can do. I also believe that to choose between the to evil, the Russian was MUCH better and safer choice.  The future will confirm that! You will get screwed and without Vaseline.  I wish YOU all luck!”

And if you are not sure here is another video for you http://vk.com/search?c[q]=kiev&c[section]=auto&z=video139727058_167205277.

“Occupying and ruining homes of civilians ya really innocent at least the police didn’t kill anyone but the protestants did, if this was in USA they would have been all in jail already , bunch of fascist supported by the west, just don’t believe the media, remember Iraq.”

Conclusion: if you think that you know something, you don’t! Behind all this ‘uncontrolled’ revolutions there’s bigger plan. Behind all of this there are some persons that are interesting in something and that are willing to do anything to get it.

WW3 is coming soon. Brace yourselves.



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