Carlos Ortega Elizalde’s 3D artwork


Carlos Ortega Elizalde is the name of today’s artist. He is from Mexico and he probably drives a low-rider car (racism), nope.., just kidding. After being on DeviantArt for over 6 years he managed to impress us in a nice way. Here are some samples of his work. For more be sure to visit his profile and to help him out however you can.












Here are some stuff from his journal,.. interesting I might add:

No pain, no gain… no gain, no coffee, no cookies… daaamn!!

Busy as hell but very happy.
In other news, I´ve been studying in AnimSchool since January, that gives me even less time to work on personal stuff and even sleeping, but I’m learning tons of useful stuff, it is worth every single hour spent. Best decision I could have made.

This will be a good year also, lots of changes and nice projects, hope the world doesn’t end this year, though I still wish to see a big meteor crashing on earth or an alien invasion… or a massive zombie attack.

Thanks for reading and have a cookie.

More media profiles of Carlos Ortega Elizalde: facebook over here, and twitter over here.

Share the post and help him out, because sharing is loving :D. After reading some more post from his journal (he posts 1-2 per year) I understood that Carlos is a very busy man, but also a person that loves what he does. So if you are still able to chose what you want to do in your life remember to chose wisely and remember to do what you love and not what you are forced to love because you only live once.

Peace and harmony! *<flies away>


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