Thamer Al-Tassan’s photo gallery


Nowadays we see almost every person on Facebook posting selfies, photos of his/her food, dog, cat, and most of them think that they are “photographers“. More that that some of them consider to be professional ones. I am here to show you some photos that explain better the true meaning of professionalism and photography.

And without further intrduction I give you Thamer Al-Tassan’s gallery: enjoy!


Thamer Al-Tassan is from Saudi Arabia and he is very talented. With more that 10 years of experience and a lot of hard work he managed to create some interesting things. One camera, talent  and a lot of imagination is all what it takes.









 Photographic cameras were a development of the camera obscura, a device dating back to the ancient Chinese[1] and ancient Greeks,[2][3] which uses a pinhole or lens to project an image of the scene outside upside-down onto a viewing surface.

On 24 January 1544 mathematician and instrument maker Reiners Gemma Frisius of Leuven University used one to watch a solar eclipse, publishing a diagram of his method in De Radio Astronimica et Geometrico in the following year.[4] In 1558 Giovanni Batista della Porta was the first to recommend the method as an aid to drawing.[5]

Before the invention of photographic processes there was no way to preserve the images produced by these cameras apart from manually tracing them. The earliest cameras were room-sized, with space for one or more people inside; these gradually evolved into more and more compact models such as that by Niépce’s time portable handheld cameras suitable for photography were readily available. The first camera that was small and portable enough to be practical for photography was envisioned by Johann Zahn in 1685, though it would be almost 150 years before such an application was possible. more.

His official website is here, and his profile also here. If you are looking for some inspiration or some tips on how to get from posting photos on Instagram to “the cover of Digital Photographer magazine issue 93” you should definitely check those links.

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