assassin's creed wall

An interesting RAP song made over the Assassin’s creed IV trailer. The artist behind this is Dan Bull and he is known to create these beats from many other trailers. Check out his channel here to support him.

Some things about Dan Bull:

 Hello you! I’m Dan Bull and welcome to my channel. Come on in, put your hat on the hat stand, your cursor on the subscribe button and your botty on your seat. We’re going to have a fantastic time together, you and I! Here’s what we’ll do:

Rap about geeky things like gaming and file-sharing and broccoli. Make fun of people, interview people and love-bomb people. See things in a slightly awkward, politically incorrect British way, and break the rules by obeying them so thoroughly that their underlying power structures are exposed for the facades they are and duly crumble in a pile of delicious vegan-friendly pudding. Yum!


You know what to do. If you like you can share and that way you help me. And also don’t forget to follow Dan if you liked the video. He is very talented and deserves some more views for his hard work.



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