My work today.

Starting from today I will be sharing all the work I do every day no matter what it its. So today I did some “things”. I managed to finally finish my stream overlay as it looks below, and a wallpaper for my desktop 😀


You have the right to use, reuse and do anything you want with the images below.


For those of you who want to use the overlay with customized text, you can download the file and edit yourself. Here is all what you need. To edit you need adobe Illustrator but I think it also works with Photoshop.


These is how it looks on stream: (click the image to make it full screen). I stream League of Legends on my channel here /FantasticSiur. For those of you who want to support me, you can go follow my channel.

My stream

I’m not the best designer but the result was as expected, so I decided to share it with you. Thanks guys for the support. Don’t forget to share if you like, and like if you like.

Here is the wallpaper I use for my second monitor. It’s not created by me so I cannot give you copyright but I think that it won’t be a problem to use it as a wallpaper, just don’t try to sell it. 😀

Book wallpaper



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