Wang Ling’s artwork


Ok, so in this post we present you another valuable artist from China. His name is Wang Ling and: “I’m WLOP from China, a digital artist, also an IT engineer. I like painting, cats and ice cream.”  Check out more samples of his work below.


Check out more on his profile but before that be sure to share this post to help him out and to inspire your friends.


He puts a lot of emotions in his creations and with these amazing colors, it is obviously that it’s more that it meets the eye. A huge lot of work and a huge lot of talent coming from this amazing artist, Wang Ling.




I’m not an art critique but I like to spare some time and relax watching talented artist doing what whey know best, it’s inspiring and motivational. Hope he will never give up and hope to see him again with fresh “content”.


Once again don’t forget to share the post and help Wang Ling out in any way you can. Thank you!



I paint in photoshop CS4, with Wacom tablet.

Non-exclusive license
If you want to use my artwork somewhere, you can simply
buy a non-exclusive license from me(starting from 10USD per piece),
I’ll also send you the full resolution image for your further usage.

For anyone who buys a print from my deviantart prints shop,
I’d like to give you the full resolution digital image which you bought as a gift.
You can use it for collection, background image or other (no commercial usage).
Contact me after you bought the prints.

Contact me
Contact me via email:
or send a note if you have any question.


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