Solar roadways.

solar roadways

What are they??? What do they want from me??? It’s technology that replaces all roadways, parking lot, sideways and driveways with solar panels…

Get it?

Now there are a couple of persons that don’t agree with the idea of replacing all roads with “that” because they say that it’s physically impossible.

Now I’m no mad genius to tell you why this can or what it cannot work, but I started to read a couple of comments from the video. Here are some interesting ones:

Why put panels on flat roads (panels need to face the sun) where they are subjected to heavy vehicles, accidents, oil, dirt, shadows of building, infrastructure and moving ground (to name a few) when for probably 1/100th of the cost they can be mounted on roofs that don’t suffer any of these problems and the structure is already there.

This is a scam. This technology would’ve been used if it actually worked. The glass will break, The cost of implementation is too damn high and all the energy collected won’t even be enough to power the LED’s not to mention melting the snow away during winter. Do some god damn research, people! <—–  :))

Now here is a more detailed answer from comments:

Guys, stop wasting your time and money, this cant work for several reasons:
– Glass has multiple bad properties to work as a road (it will scratch and make the solar panels less effective, when wet, traction decreases dramatically)
– if the LEDs are supposed to be visible during full daylight, they need a lot of energy, space and money to buy
– because the solar panels are flat on the road surface, under scratched glass, covered by dirt, snow, leafs, parked cars, etc., they will only produce about 15% of what they would be capable of if directed at the sun (i’m studying electric engineering).
– Road maintenance is already extremely expensive, even if they are made of stones and waste material from fuel production, which are extremely durable compared to glass. Replacing them with high tech will financially not even remotely be possible.
The roads, signaling, marking etc. are working fine. Replacing them all with high tech is not realistic. A realistic solution would be to build solar panels at the sides of roads or over roads in areas with a lot of sunshine.
Can you tell us more? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment! Your answer might help us to solve this big mystery.

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