San Andreas gameplay

Mission 12. No need to tell you more. You know what it is all about so check out this episode.


Sweet, Smoke? s*it, where all the homies at? Hey Sweet, I was just looking for you man, wassup? I been with some girl and now I’m stuck. I ain’t about to come help prise you two apart! No, CJ, that ain’t what I meant. She’s Seville Boulevard Familes, And we ain’t cool no more.. They all over the streets outside her house and I ain’t heated! Yo’ dick still dropping you in it, Bro! I’ll see what I can do. Be ready to run when I holla, alright? That’s my nigga! I’ll be ready! Oh, and swing by Emmet’s, you might need a nine! Cover my girl, CJ! Keep their heads down, my girl’s coming out! Hurry it up, CJ, we gotta move! CJ, get in this damn car and roll! CJ, there’s some heat in my car! CJ, there’s a piece in the trunk of my car! Where we goin’ then? She should hang out at our place, until those Seville fools calm down. Just want to make things clear, though, we ain’t no item or nothing like that – nothing like that, baby. And what was last night, huh? And what’s with all the, “Girl, you’re somethin’ special!” And, “C’mon, girl, you know I love you!” Well I do, just don’t think there’s no wedding bells around the corner, that’s all. We will talk about this in private, Sweet Johnson! You in trouble now, Sweet. Eyes on the road, motherf*cker! We got Seville on our tail, CJ! Pick it up, CJ, we ain’t givin’ up! Seville Families on our case, nigga! s*it, they’re trying to ram us! CJ, they’re trying to ram us! I’ll see you inside, baby. Man, this set tripping is killing the Families. You did good back there! Hey, I’m a Johnson boy! Hey, I got unfinished business. Big love. Big love, bro, big love. That’s my brother! Get a car and we’ll meet you out front! Don’t worry, girl, I don’t drive as bad as CJ! She’s got a sister, CJ, you want her number? Man, Seville Families gone too far this time! Seville trying to start a war or something! Yo’ dick getting us both in trouble again, Sweet! s*it is crazy, bro! We gotta bring the Families back together! Green blasting on green ain’t no way to run the Families! This wasn’t the ‘good time’ I was thinking about, Sweet! You better make this up to me, Sweet! I can’t never go back home now! Sweet, we gotta go back for my stuff! …f*ck they at? Damn! f*ck it. Use low walls and objects for cover. Press to crouch. Get over to Sweet before the Seville Boulevard set finish him off. SWEET Wait for Sweet and his Ho’ to get into the vehicle. Phone ringing. Take out the Seville boys pinning Sweet down. Get a car outside the apartment. Get a four door car. Get back to your hood. The Seville Boulevard Families have Sweet surrounded in his girl’s flat. Take those Seville boys out! Sweet died! Sweet’s girlfriend died! You left Sweet behind! Go back and get him. You left Sweet’s girlfriend behind! Go back and get her. Fetch a four door car to pick up Sweet and his girl. Sweet needs a getaway car, not one of these!


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