The Gunfighter, short movie.


“The Gunfighter” is a short film narrated by Nick Offerman that won the “Vimeo STAFF PICK” award and a whole lot of other awards*. The video parodies the wild west, a place where everyone has his own secrets, but what happens when all comes up?

The film is directed by Erick Kissak and the action happens into a saloon. This clip is very funny and you definitely must watch it. The thing that I hate about it is that it’s too short. Hoping that they will continue doing more amazing films, don’t forget to like the video and follow them.

I think that for me, this was the best short film I have ever seen. Good acting, effects, and all that comes with it. This clip definitely worth 8:50 minutes of your life.

Spoiler alert: They all die at the end: “It was a true ballet of death.” 😀

*WINNER Audience Award for Best Short Film – LA Film Fest
Best of the Fest Selection – Palm Springs Short Fest
Official Selection – Cleveland International Film Fest
Official Selection – Seattle International Film Fest
Official Selection – Traverse City Film Festival
Official Selection – Woods Hole Film Festival

The Gunfighter: a great deal of entertainment and hilarious scenes.

How would you describe this clip? Was it as expected?


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