The Distortion of Sound

Here is a very interesting film (more like of a documentary) about the music created today. Hope you enjoy. The clip shows the decline of the sound quality and how the technology has changed the way we listen to music.

The distortion of sound

Very interesting video. Hope it inspires you, because at the end you will definitely learn something out of it. Share the video to your friends and stop listening to Justin Bieber!

Music is art. Art is not something that cannot be taught and cannot be learned “by hard”. Not anyone can be an artist. Get used to it.

The documentary explain how the mp3 extensions ruined the music industry by compressing songs and drastically decreasing the audio quality.

“…Conversion does take the emotion and the life of the music…”

Conclusion: music of today is going down because of the shittier quality control.

So what do you think?


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