Filantropica, movie review

Filantropica wall

Ovidiu, a high-school teacher looking for an extra buck, finds an unexpected way to earn easy money.

FIrst of all here is the trailer and here is the link to IMDB’s page. The video doesn’t have subtitles so I have translated it for you below.

“There are three basic trades in this world: the rich, the poor and sex. In a Bucharest populated by stray dogs, luxury cars, cadgers, beautiful girls and talk-shows, a modest high-school professor leads a double life: prince and beggar. How far can he go by lying without giving himself away, what his wife has to say when she, herself, hides a secret, and who handles everything from the shadows.”

For me it was the best Romanian movie that I have ever seen in my entire life, and I think that in my top preferences it is definitely in my top 20 as one of the greatest movie ever.

I didn’t know if you would be able to find the movie considering that it was created in 2002 so I found a website for you to watch it (it is subtitled) here. 

The main idea of the movie is that you need money, and to get them there are only 2 ways: you work (after trying that, the main character realized that this method is not so effective) or you beg.

Considering that this movie is “free to watch” on the link provided I strongly encourage you to watch it. It gives a great perspective and some ideas are really fascinating.

What do you think? Did you watched the movie?


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