Live stream Dota 2


As the title says I will try to stream almost every day some Dota 2 games starting from now.Yon can follow my channel by clicking on this link:

I am not a professional player, actually I am a noob. I have  recently started this game after I gave up playing League of Legends and I am happy that I did. The differences between these games are effeminately visible. The main reason I give up LoL was because of feeders, flamers and kids. I must tell you that in Dota 2 I have found exactly what I was looking for: almost no flame, no kids, and no feeders.



Dota 2 is the First MMO game that I enjoyed playing and I will continue to play. Hope you will enjoy my game-plays and hope that you will share this post.

Hope you see you next time with more fresh news and game-plays.

And for those who doesn’t know how Dota 2 looks like, here’s the official trailer.


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