GTA San Andreas | mission 9

San Andreas gameplay

Part 9 of the series. GTA SA released  on 7 June 2005 for PC is still played today by a lot of people. The true example of “Good old Games.



Yeah, you know Jeffrey’s been somebody’s bitch – for the past three weeks, right?- I know! Hey. Whassup, man? Wanna go to prison? What? Nah… To pick up Jeffrey. He’s touching down today. You wanna roll? Yeah, for sure. What’s Jeffrey doing locked up, anyway? We’ll talk about that later, man. Let’s roll, we’re late. Hey, there that fool go. Hey, what’s happening with you, Jeffrey? Hey, man, it’s OG Loc, homie – OG Loc! My bad. How was it, though, homie? Man, what you think? How was it… Hey, chill out, dude. So what you want to do now? Man, I gotta kill some cholo motherf*cker. He was dissin’ me, man! Hey Jeffrey, I thought you was going to, uh, college. Man, f*ck you! Motherf*cker done stole my rhymes. He’s in East Flores. Hey, gimme a strap. Good to hang with you, brother. I’m sorry I can get a little tense. I’m sorry I can get a little tense. Don’t worry about it. Hey, it ain’t Jeffrey no more. It’s OG Loc. OG Loc? Oh yeah, he’s a real gangsta now. I see. And what’d he do? Anything he could to get thrown in jail for. For his career. Joyriding, parking fines or some other bulls*it. What’s your plan, big gangsta? Now you a free man and all. Man, I ain’t free, my parole officer lined me up with a job! Motherf*cker always trying to keep a player down. You got that right! Still, ain’t so bad, I’m gonna be a ‘hygiene technician’. Coming up in the world, huh? Just a stepping-stone to greatness. Man, this is the spot! Ain’t this a Vagos’ ‘hood? Man, I don’t give a s*it, I’m gangsta! C’mon, let’s leave Loc to deal with Casanova. Hey, I’ll stick with Jeff – I mean, Loc! OK, cool. I’ll see you guys back on the set. Freddy! I’ve come for you, you motherf*cker! Jeffrey, you got the wrong idea, man – that was just a prison thing! I got plenty of muchachas on the outside, I don’t need your scrawny ass! Man, ignore him, CJ, I don’t know what he talking about. Hey, yo, gimme back my rhymes you thief, I’m gangsta! You dropped the soap, sugar, I don’t know nothing about any rhymes! Hey, hey! Motherf*cker’s making a run for it! Hey, Loc, hold up! Ah s*it, he gonna get caught violating his parole! Hey Loc, get back here, nigga you crazy! Eh yo, back off me CJ, I gotta protect my rep! Oooo! Chase me! Chase me! C’mon, honey, I’m losing my patience! I like the fast ass, not the slow ass! I thought you were keen, cute buns! Catch me if you caaAAAaan! Yoohoo! Over here! Cooweee, Jeffrey! You know I love the thrill of the chase! Hey baby, move those sweet cheeks! Try to show a little bit more enthusiasm, darling. Hey, honey buns, I’m over here! The anticipation is so unbearable! He’s broken my heart! Get him, boys! Don’t you say a damn thing, CJ. Was you lonely, Loc? Hey, I like a nice mustache myself! I keep it real, unlike you fake ass motherf*ckers. C’mon, gangsta. Let’s get back to the Grove. Nah, I can’t, I gotta go and sign in for this damn job! Whatever you want. You want a ride anyway? Sure thing. Let’s roll. Eh, take me to the Burger Shot in Verona Beach. You’re the boss. Coz I’m keen, With the hygiene, On a mission, Like a super technician, baby On a mission, Like a super technician. Get on with that s*it man. Man, I got 17s on the hang. You coulda did that out here. Because I did it in the joint, it’s real now. Yeah, I guess it is, gangsta. Thanks for the ride, CJ. Don’t be a stranger, fool. Yeah, for sure. I’ll see you around. Like a quarter pound! Later. Yo, I’m gonna kill that loud mouthed mother f*cker! Your ass is mine! Oh, no no no, I didn’t mean it like that! CJ, help me out here! Look at you, all muscley and s*it. I know! – Hey, CJ!- Hey, what’s up, CJ? Hey, what’s up, CJ. Wassup? Look at this fool, man… Perpetrating like he bangin’… …think he hard… I know that fool can’t be serious. Look, look… Man, why don’t you stall us out with that s*it and get in the car. Fool. Man, that fool buggin’. Get back in Smoke’s car. Go and pick up OG Loc from the Police Station. Go and ring the doorbell. Catch and kill Freddy! OG Loc has been killed! Big Smoke has been killed! Sweet has been killed! Smoke’s car has been destroyed. You have left OG Loc behind. Drive to Freddy’s house. Get back on the bike. Freddy got away! Take OG Loc to the employees’ door at the back of the Burger Shot.


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