GTA San Andreas | mission 10

San Andreas gameplay

Mission 10. Things just got real. Don’t lose this episode, and thanks again for all the moral support.



BOO! Those nosey motherf*ckers won’t leave me alone! Think I’m Mr Big, or something. But I don’t tell them s*it. For me, it’s all about my homeboy, Carl. Yeah, whatever you say. Yo, the gang’s real important, CJ, you know that! You down to represent, baby? Yeah. Look, my cousin is coming into town from Mexico, I gots to go scoop her up. Alright then, c’mon. OK, my cousin Mary’s in there, sweet sticky bud fresh off the plantation. Here, pull up here, let me do the talking. Hey – excuso me, Jose, yo soy El Grando Smokio, and I want that grass? Comprende? Eh, f*ck you cabron Now that ain’t nice. Coughio up el weedo, before I blow your brains out all over the patio. Chinga a tu madre, pendejo. This was just the point man! That other motherf*cker’ll lead us straight to the weed! We gotta stick with him! Why you let me drive all the time, Smoke? Cat like me likes to scope the streets once in a while, ya know what I’m sayin’? What you want me to roll with you for anyway? No reason. I just wanted to get in the car pool lane. Oh yeah? Yeah man, just cool out homie, just chill. Your cousin’s coming here? From Mexico? Yeah, me an’ her go way back, way back. Ah Smoke, you full a s*it. Don’t be prejudiced again in my presence, Carl. Everybody is my cousin. Brothers from different mothers, sisters from different fathers. And all that kind of s*it. Man, I’m done! I ain’t built for this s*it! CJ, this one’s all yours, baby. CJ, what you hangin’ around for? Get after him, CJ! CJ, do something useful. Catch that guy. CJ, get in! Come on CJ! Man, what’s happened to the world, man? Man, people have no dignity no more! This guy is really getting on my f*cking nerves. Let’s go home, I gotta eat, man. Okay. Say, Smoke, what’s going on with Tenpenny? Who? Tenpenny. Man, I ain’t never heard of him. Yes you have. I saw him leaving your apartment. Oh, Is that his name? Yeah. You know it is. Man, that ain’t nothin’. He a busta, likes to give people a hard time, you know that Carl. But you know me. It takes more than a fool like him to bug me out. Hey Carl, I’ll see you later, alright? And, look here, don’t let that Pentenbury or whatever his name is, give you no bulls*it. I’m trying, man. Well try harder. Look at me, man. You a great man, Carl. A great man! Asshole. f*ck they doing over here, anyway? Punk-ass police. Man, I shoulda known. What? Oh, what’s up with this s*it, man? f*ck this, man, f*ck this. Man, let me get the heater on this… Get him, Smoke. Yeah, yeah, you go get that s*it, nigga… Damn! Yeah, motherf*cker, Big Smoke! Remember that name! Yo Carl, see you around… Tap ¬†quickly to use the Super Sprint. You can only use the Super Sprint for a short time before becoming tired. The gang member is escaping in a car!Get a vehicle and chase him down. The gang member is escaping in a car!Catch him before he gets away. Catch the gang member before he reaches his destination!


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