GTA San Andreas | part 7

San Andreas gameplay

Y’all got anymore of them episodes? The answer is YES. Another episode made for you guys. San Andreas mission 7.



Hey, Ryder? What the hell you doing? Nigga, I couldn’t find that wet I buried, – so I’m making my own. It’s easy, fool.n- Oooh! That’s strong. Man, don’t do that! You’ll sautž the both of us. Morning, boys. Man, who you calling a boy, fool? What should I call you? Midget? Man, f*ck you. Mmm… Smells good. What’s cooking? Where’s mine? Man, just chill out, a’ight. Move. Here. Don ‘t be sweating me, motherf*cker. Mmm, my wife loves this stuff, man. Anyway, there’s a train gonna make an unscheduled stop just down the way. It’s got a, how you say, ‘little something something’ on board for you boys. Square business, man. Catch you later, homeboys. Oh Carl, try not to kill any more respected police officers. Please? Heh heh heh. Crime has certainly gone up since you got back, kid. Just doing my part for the community. Your train’s gonna be there in five.

You drive, CJ – seeing as you ‘Mister Driver’ and all. Aw, not your s*it again. Don’t give me a hard time about my driving. I ain’t got the energy for it, man. Well don’t go roll the damn car over and blow us all up in flames then. Aw, I ain’t risin’ to your s*it, man. Good! Means you’ll concentrate on the road, then! You love to give a homie a hard time. I’m like your motherf*cking drill sergeant – hut one two! Just trying to keep my soldiers alive, nigga! By nagging them to death? Watch the road, motherf*cker! The road! Yeah, here we go! That’s our train alright. s*it, looks like some Northside Vagos got it first! Man, I’m gonna bust on them fools! Aw, what’s this? We got Ballas trying to crash the party? Looks like Tenpennny told every gang in South Central! Man, we gonna smoke those Balla assholes! Go check out the train, CJ. Damn, what is that? Chill out, fool, we’re gonna be right behind you! Throw me some boxes, CJ! Damn! Not so hard! I got it! Nice throw, fool! Keep ’em coming! s*it! I nearly dropped that one! Bull’s eye! You trying to kill me? Oh, yeah! Can’t stop me! And another one! Watch the jacket! OK, CJ! That’s all I can carry! Hop in the car and stamp out, fool! Watch what the f*ck you’re doing! CJ! Man, I swear, man, you’re trying to kill me! Careful with these damn guns! Hey, EASY, CJ, EASY! Man, you toss like a girl! Carl, do you understand the concept I’m throwing at you? You as bad as tossing as you is driving! Man, we got one-time on our tail! Head back to Grove Street, fool! Take this, you punk one-time! You’re dealing with a kung fu master! Ninja style! You ain’t never gonna catch this gangsta, fool! You can’t stop me – I’m a genius, fool! I’m getting tired of this, f*ck off! Y’all ain’t got nothing better to do? One-times can’t stop me – I’m incredible! Damn, homie, your stuff was tight! You too, homie! LB’s coming over to stash the s*it. Okay, later then. For life, CJ, for life – you heard? I guess we can take five crates! Careful, CJ! It’s explosives in those crates! Say, CJ, don’t you run out on me! You getting that busta itch again, huh? Don’t you bail out on me, CJ! We got enough, homie. Jump! A’ight, CJ – jump off the train! We good, man! Motherf*cker, jump! Oooh! That’s strong. How about prick? Prick… Yeah, prick works. Bitch, get outta here. Asshole. Hell, you my dog, man! Press PED_FIREWEAPON to power up your throw, then release PED_FIREWEAPON to throw. Take the crates back to Grove street. You need to lose the cops! Use the nearby pay ‘n’ spray. Drive Ryder’s Truck to the ammo train. Get back into bRyder’s truck! Ryder is dead! Power Crates Drive the van to the ammo train. Shoot the Vagos robbing the train! One of your gang members died. You need to keep them alive! You did not get enough boxes. Climb onto the back of the train. Protect the train from the Ballas! Time Use the nearby pay ‘n’ spray to lose the cops.


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