100 % natural not natural at all.


OK so nowadays we see a lot of products entitled “natural” or “100% natural“. Let me tell you from the very beginning that most of those product are by far natural and the only way they use ‘the word’ is to get more sales.

I came across a very interesting video on YouTube about this advertising SCAM so I decided to share it with you guys and I hope you will share it with the others. The video it’s not mine so I don’t get anything for that but I hope you will enjoy it and I’m sure you will get the idea and the point of the video.

A very funny clip that wants to teach you the difference between NATURAL and ORGANIC. And of course, if you’re smart you might even learn something about false advertising techniques used by a lot of companies today.

“We can put our natural label on pretty much everything.”

Interesting fact. And remember that this kind of advertising is used by millions of companies. Why is this  even allowed? I don’t know if we can change anything but it’s good to know that you are aware about this now.


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