GTA San Andreas | mission 6

San Andreas gameplay

Part 6 of the GTA San Andreas series. Let me know what you think about the game in comment section below.  Sharing this post is much appreciated. 



Yeah? Hey, CJ, it’s Sweet. Hey, whassup? If you don’t respect your body, ain’t nobody going to respect you! You’re too skinny, CJ, you need to pack on some muscle! If I wanted nagging, I’d buy a clockwork wife! Just looking out for you, homie. It’s all show and respect, you know? Yeah, I guess. There’s a gym I go to a couple of blocks out from the Grove. Go check it out and get yo’self a gangsta’s physique. I’ll scope it out. Later, man.

Gimme 15, motherf*cker. I’ll write it down in a second. I ain’t going to pencil whip you, fat sucker. Let me play first. Who’s winning? Who you think, huh? Me! That does it. That’s game null and void, motherf*ckers! So, what kind of guns we working with now? One-times came through, raided the spot. We ain’t got s*it now. Well what you going to do if the Ballas roll through, throw shoes at them? Say, what happened to Emmet? Emmet? s*it, gangsters these days got Mac’s, AK’s, and all kinds of stuff. Emmet, on the other hand, ain’t got s*it. Well, until we get that plug, we gotta deal with a cat that always been there for us. Emmet’s Seville Boulevard Families, we ain’t too close these days, but nonetheless, I’ll take you to see him. Get ourselves strapped up. Come on, man.

I thought you was representing? What? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought you was rolling with Grove Street again. Already told you I am! Well I ain’t seen you in yo’ colors yet! You gotta fly the flag, man! Ain’t nobody gonna respect you if you ain’t representing your hood! Alright man, my bad. I just ain’t got around to it yet. There’s a Binco around the corner from the gym in Ganton, go get yourself some greens!


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