GTA San Andreas | mission 4

San Andreas gameplay

Mission 4, I hope to add at least 2-3 mission every day.



Carl, it’s officer Hernandez Who? Officer Hernandez. I work with Tenpenny and Pulaski. Oh, the bitch, what the hell you want? Hey, show me some respect, boy. Go f*ck yourself, you just they bitch! You watch your tone, boy. Now listen. I’ve got a message from Officer Tenpenny. Don’t try and leave town, that would be a big mistake. You hear me? We’re watching you. Whatever you say, bitch.

Hey, you gotta keep it real, man. Man, nobody give a s*it about the hood. All they do is sell yay and ruin the place. No crack ever made a gang tight. Whassup, y’all? – Whassup, CJ?~n~- What’s cracking? Man, all they care about is smoking and money. You can’t knock a homie’s hustle, Sweet. Them marks ain’t soldiers. They’re idiots trying to be business men. Yeah, but they’re down with us, man. All they down with is money. CJ – go down there and show these fools you mean business. These chumps from the Ballas are sweating the homies. Go put pressure on them. Just do it. We been putting time in the hood, but we gotta get the homies back together, like the old days. Yeah, you right! So you and Ryder go handle your business! Man, they’d slang to their own momma. They don’t care about nothing. You’re na¬§ve, my friend. We gotta keep our focus. We need some back up. You seen B Dup? Nah, but him and the homeboy Bear they’d be good to have on our side. Oh! Big Bear? Yeah, them base slangers going to be sorry now. Open up! You sure he still live here? CJ? What the f*ck you want? Get the f*ck outta here. Wait, hold up, man. What happened to 4 life, nigga? The only thing that matters is the hood, homie, You know what, man? Get the f*ck outta here before you be laying on your back. Hey, Bear? Big Bear, that’s you? Hey, you still from the hood, homie, or what? Nah, the only thing Bear give a f*ck about is smoking and keeping my house clean. Ain’t that right, Big Bear? Hell yeah. Hell yeah, what? Hell, yeah, sir! Now go make that motherf*cking toilet sparkle. Oh – no, man… Bear! Come on! Everyone likes to party sometimes, CJ. I’ll see you around. Stay the f*ck from around here – punk! Hey, nigga, f*ck you! I see what you mean now, man. If crack can do that to Big Bear, turn him into a base slave, the average motherf*cker ain’t got a chance. Damn dope fiends and drug addicts everywhere in this city. Piss me off. Looks like it’s up to us then. Later, homie. Hey, grab yourself a stick! Hey, fool, grab a junky club! Hey! Grab hold of that bat over there! Hey, let’s head over to B Dup’s tilt. Hey let’s go get B Dup. Hey, B Dup is only a couple of blocks away. The ‘hood’s all messed up, huh? Yeah, you try to get any of these crack heads to help you out. No wonder the Families ain’t up on it. Apart from Smoke, Sweet, and you know, yours truly, Grove Street don’t bang no more. Yeah, just get blow. For sure. Let’s just cruise through the hood and find us somebody selling. Yeah, introduce him to this bat! Hey, check it out! Somebody’s selling to one of the homies! CJ! Look! Over there! That’s who we looking for! Man, I know this cat! He a punk, used to run with a Front Yard Balla OG from Idlewood. I know his place, it’s just across the tracks there. Let’s check it out! Eh, ain’t that Front Yard turf? Man, are you a busta? No, I’m down, homie! Man, we on a serious mission now. Man, don’t sweat it, homie – everybody in the hood knows Ballas are pussies. Oo-ee! Man, you can smell a crack den a mile away! Yeah, let’s shoot through and introduce ourselves. Good afternoon, Balla dope pushers! Grove Street OG’s come to do damage! OH s*it, RYDER! Oh man, Ryder, get up! CJ! Get up CJ! CJ! Quit faking! Get up, fool! This ain’t no time for a nap, CJ! This ain’t got nothing to do with me, officers! Yeah, that’s him over there, officers! s*it, I’m outta here! Now Ballas know Grove Street Families on their way back up. For sure, homie – and what’s more, you didn’t even run out on me! Time’s changing… Aww man, they gonna be mad at us. Man, I’ll warn the gang later. For now, let’s just bask in the silence of victory, motherf*cker. Now that the base ain’t getting pushed up in their faces… Maybe these fools should be up for some real bangin’! Yeah, Grove gonna get back on its feet now for sure though.


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