GTA San Andreas | mission 3

San Andreas gameplay

Mission 3, hope you start enjoying the series. 😀


C’mon, fat boy. C’mon, fat boy. Fat boy – look at you, look at…- Yeah, yeah, watch out. Fool… Watch this, watch this… Yeah, yeah, watch out. Fool… Watch this, watch this… Ah ha ha ha! Bam! Hey, CJ. Let’s see what you got, pork chop! Press to spray the gang member in the face. Look at the tag and hold to spray it. Keep pressed until the tag is completely sprayed over. Stand in front of the fence and press to climb the fence. Press to climb onto the wall. Go back to Sweet’s house. You need a spraycan! Spraying over a rival tag will gain you respect from your gang. There are many tags scattered around Los Santos to find. These are Ballas gang members, dressed in purple. They are your sworn enemy. Enemy gang territories can be dangerous. Hang around for too long and you will attract attention. Drive with Sweet to Idlewood. Drive to East Los Santos. Get in Sweet’s car. Find and spray over the tags. Sweet is dead! You destroyed Sweet’s ride! Get back in Sweet’s car!

You hit this up here, and I’ll go up and do another hood. Hit this up, and I’ll go hit up another block. While you’re doing this, I’ll be doing another block. What the f*ck? Hey, that’s our tag! You some kind of mental case, fool? Cap that mother! Get that fool! Chase him down! CARL, QUICK, GET IN! CARL, GET IN THE WHIP! Like riding a bike, ain’t it, boy? Yeah, it all comes back. How you doin’ on the feddy? I’m kinda short, you know. took what I came with. Already? s*it, them boys on their game! Here, get yourself a beer or something. I’ll catch up with you. There’s another two Balla tags in the hood. You go get ’em and I’ll keep the engine running. took all my paper, man, left me with nothing but small change…


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