GTA San Andreas | mission 1

San Andreas gameplay

I am starting a game-play series of GTA San Andreas so be sure to subscribe and check out my videos. Thanks for all and stay tuned.



After five years on the east coast, it was time to go home. ‘sup? Carl, it’s sweet. Whassup, sweet, what you want? It’s moms. . . She’s dead, bro. How? How’d she die? Not now. You coming home? Yeah, yeah, i am. Passenger. Show us your hands. Reach out of the car and unlock your door. Get out of the car. Walk towards us with your hands behind your head. I didn’t tell you to face me, boy. Back towards my voice. Welcome home, Carl. Glad to be back? This is drug money. You haven’t forgotten about us, have you boy? Hey don’t worry about it, i’ll fill it out later. Hell no, officer tenpenny. I was just wondering what took y’all so long. Well, you know, inside the airport, that’s federal. That’s not our gig. Get in the car. Get outta here, you greaseball bastard! How you been, carl? How’s your wonderful family? I’m here to bury my moms. You know that. Yeah, i guess i do. Nothing. I live in liberty city now. I’m clean. Legit. No, you ain’t never been clean, carl. Well, what’ve we got here? This is a weapon, officer pulaski, that was used to gun down a police officer not ten minutes ago. Officer pendelbury. A fine man, i might add. You know i just got off the plane! You work fast, nigga. It’s a good thing we found you and retrieved the murder weapon. That ain’t my gun. Don’t bulls*it me, carl. Yeah, don’t bulls*it him, carl. What the f*ck you want from me this time? Don’t curse, carl, you motherf*cking piece of s*it gang-banging cocksucker. When we want you, we’ll find you. In the meantime, try not to gun down any more officers of the law. Carl, we’re just here to protect and serve. You can’t leave me here – it’s ballas country. I thought you said you was innocent, carl? That you don’t bang? This is car 58. . . What? ! Officer pendelbury’s down? We’ll be right over. See you around like a doughnut, carl. . . See, hernande, that is how an experienced officer deals with a known threat. Stop it! What are you doing? Carl, brian, stop it! Quit it! Moms will hear! Mom! They’re up to something! Brian! Carl! Quit fighting, and go wash your hands! You picked the wrong house, fool! Big smoke! It’s me, carl! Chill, chill! Cj, my dog! Whassup? Hey baby, you okay, man? No, man, it’s my moms, homie. . . Hey, i don’t know why this had to happen, but i promise you, i’m going to find out who killed your moms! The streets is cold, dog. Like it says in the book, we are blessed and cursed. What f*cking book? Same things make us laugh, make us cry. But right now, we gotta take care our business. Go see your brother at the cemetery. C’mon, let’s bounce. Hey, what’s up, y’all? Look who i found hanging around. I can’t believe she’s gone, man. That’s another funeral you ran away from, fool. Just like brian’s. Hey, she was my momma too. Not for the past 5 years she wasn’t, nigga. And where the f*ck you think you’re going? What? Get out of my face. I’m going to see cesar. The hell you are, girl! You ain’t messing with them eses, you know we beefing – look, i love him! And what the f*ck are you? At least i got principles. Oh, and i guess that makes you an upstanding american. Carl, tell him! Carl, tell him! – carl don’t tell me s*it, bitch. N- as long as he treats her right. As long as he treats her right. Disrespect you, and he’s dead. How the hell you gonna say that? Like it’s any business of yours. f*ck you, sweet. This s*it’s real f*cked up. Everything! What you mean? What, apart from your mother being dead? Things are going real bad. Here, let me show you, running man. Tony’s buried over there. Little devil over there, big devil over there. Man, it’s just cray – everybody blasts on fools first then asks questions second. You know me. It’s not cut. Keep the value in it. Keep it real. You want to drive? Yeah, that’s cool. You still like cars? Always love cars, man. I thought they didn’t respect cars in liberty. What you ride out there? Subway. Ha, ha ha. That’s my brother. Here we are. Ballas! Drive by! Incoming! Awww, motherf*cker, my car! ! We gotta get back to the hood, man, it’s too cray round here! Too cray round here. I thought this was families turf? Yeah, it’s temple drive families – we don’t roll with them no more. No s*it, things have changed. How we getting home? Grab a bike and pedal. Even you ain’t forgotten that. Follow my lead! Takes you back some, huh, cj? Yeah! Cj, watch your back ’round here, man. Things has changed round here! How’d it get so bad? Hey sweet, try to keep up! Straight back into the game, right dog? Was it this bad before you left? East coast got you all thinned out, home. You’re just a liability, cj! Oh, you ain’t ran out yet, huh, cj? Why’d you bother coming back? s*it! A ballas car is onto us! Split up! Damn, ballas is chasing us down! Ballas! Everybody break! Get up, cj, pedal! Move it, cj, not far to the grove! You ok, cj? Hey, hey, carl’s down! Oh man, that s*it looked like it hurt, homie! Get back on your bike, playa! Ha ha! This fool took a fall! He can’t even ride a bike! Cj, you cycle like a crack ho, fool! Move it, cj, move it! Keep up, cj! C’mon, cj. Pedal like a motherf*cker! C’mon man, you gotta keep up! Keep up, cj! Don’t lose us, cj! What’s the matter, fool? You tired? Move it, cj – you’re embarrassing us, nigga! Keep up, motherf*cker! Hey, look at cj go! Hey, cj, wait for us, man! Cj, you running like a bitch, man! Carl’s showing us how it’s really done. Skinny fool’s flying ahead on his own. Cj’s doing his thing top speed, dog! Typical, cj! Leaving the homies behind, huh? Hey wait for the homies, fool! Figures, moving fast as a motherf*cker, you busta! So when you leaving, carl? I ain’t sure. Thought i might stay. Things is f*cked up. Well, the last thing we need is your help. Aw man, i won’t let you down, i swear. I got left behind! Y’all motherf*ckers left me behind! Yo, east coast sure put some legs on you, boy! Hey, we’re gonna call up some hood rats and chill the hell out. You want some? I gotta whole lot going on, and i’m tired. I’ll catch y’all later. Hey yo, just drop in. We all hangin’ out. Man, you gotta lose some of the liberty city anxiety, playa! Yeah, and get yourself some colors, fool. And a haircut – it’s embarrassing to be seen with you!


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