Why did Brazil lose?

To be honest I did not watched the Brazil vs Germany game but from the previous matches it started to be pretty obvious that Brazil cannot win the world cup. I think the main reason they lost so badly was because they were overconfident, and this is just my opinion.

Now to speak more about the Brazil vs Germany incredible game. Some say that they have lost because of  the Neymar’s injury and they think that this was the fact that gave the game. Maybe they are right after all Neymar is one of the best players in the world. Below we found for you a very interesting “graph” on how his injury affected the game:


My opinion is this: yes. They Neymar’s injury affected the game and neither I nor anyone can tell you how it might been if it wasn’t for the injury but there’s one thing straight: Brazil was not likely to win the game looking from the previous games.










Here were the odds of winning the game and the world cup without them. And from here the punters went crazy with the betting. I heard a lot of people saying that this semifinal was the most unexpected play ever and I agree.


Guys, this is football / soccer, get used to it. This is why we like it and this is why we hate it. Enjoy the game. 


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