Money & Success part 7

You are what you want to be, but don’t let money destroy you’r life!

“Money are just expensive paper. When there will be no more paper, there will be no more money.”

First of all let me tell you that these posts are just my opinion about things and to fully understand what I really try to say you must live my life.

Second of all, I don’t have any money, so to teach you how to get rich will not going to end right.

Probably these posts cannot help you in your pursuit, and I have nothing to teach you, but still here I am.. The main reason I write is because I like to write, and another reason I write is to help you understand some things. And besides inspiring you there’s absolutely nothing I can do to help you out. You see nobody is ever going to work  100% for your dreams to come true. We all have our dreams, we do not care about you. On this Earth you are alone with another 7 billion people.

Took me a while to realize the purpose of my life, I mean: why do I live?? And after a lot of thinking I understood that I live to do something. I can’t do anything. If it’s something real big or it’s something small is only up to me to decide it.



Yes it’s up to you to decide it! BUT don’t think to much!


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