FACT: Today you are dumber that yesterday and tomorrow you will be dumber that today:
Any questions?
No questions. OK. Then I got a question for you: What are you going to do about it?..

Death pathway

You see, now you probably are young and you make the not so inspired choice to to think that you have all the time in the world and your whole life ahead to do whatever you like. And this is where you are wrong.

If you don’t do it today you think that tomorrow will be easier for you to do it? What would you do if you would find out that you are going to die tomorrow?

Well, first of all you will have regrets, but you will not sit around and think to much about them because you will be aware that you only have about 20 hours to live. To do things that you had planned to do in a lifetime.

The fact that you are going to die one day is the most inspiring motivation.

So you think it’s time for a change in your life? I tell you what to do: Live your life each day as it is your last day. If you manage to do that you will be great.

And remember this: If you live every day as it will be your last day.., one day you will be right. 


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