How do you think the world will look 50 years from now? How about 100 years? How about 500 years?

How do you think the people from the future will look upon us, upon our existence, or upon our decisions. We create and make history. Our lives make history. Our decisions change the course of the universe.

Did you see the movie “In time”? I did. It’s a good movie. If you did not see it, take your time and watch it. It’s a great deal of inspiration and it will make you see some things from another perspective.

Anyway, in my opinion, unless another world war starts, the future will be represented by increased population and eventually it will turn into a mess.
Eventually it will all end up into a ‘zombie apocalypse’. With all the crises rising and with more population and less resources we will start eating each other.

Of course the technology will evolve and we might live on the moon, but that sounds a little complicated to me and that is very unlikely to happen in the near future.

Bottom of the line is this.We make history and we are able to change the world with our decisions and with our lives. Let’s think more on what we are capable of doing and let’s not waste our lives. Think about your kids! Chose to do something different.


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