If you will ever have to chose between money and a successful career what would you chose?

If you want money so bad, eventually you will have money, but sooner or later you will start hurting people around with your obsession. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad in wanting money but you have to understand that these ‘trading units’, if you allow them to overtake control of your life can easily destroy you…

Don’t make money your priority! Money are just expensive paper and once there will be nothing to buy, money will have no value. To be willing to do anything for money is not the same thing as to be willing to do anything to be successful.

You see, wanting success or wanting money, for both of them you have to work, to struggle to fulfill a need. And after a while you will eventually have money or success, right?


Let me give you a piece of advice. Work hard and try to become a successful person in your field of expertise. I’m sure if you struggle you will eventually make it, and when you do you will have both the success and the money. And with the money you’ve earned you will not destroy yourself.

I have seen a lot of people hoping to win the lottery, and I even witnessed people who actually won. But winning that lottery was for many of them the worst thing that could ever happen. They were not ready to handle that much $$. I know it sounds funny but having money and not knowing what to do with them is a very dangerous thing.

Conclusion: work your way out and do your best to become a successful person ( if that is your goal ). If you manage to do that, don’t worry, money will eventually come and when they will you will know how to handle them so that you will not destroy yourself. And you will live happily ever after. The end.!


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