I ‘ain’t no Guru or Bruce Lee ‘mad genius’ but I realized pretty fast that this world is much more than it meets the eye. Of course you probably knew that, but did you ever thought about it?

After a while I came to the conclusion that nothing is ‘random’, and I believe that everything is happening for a reason. Every single event in our pathetic life had happened and will happen for a reason. They are all trying to tell you something.


And for all of them guys who think that to be successful you need to be lucky, well let me tell you that you got it all wrong.

If you’re willing to fight, if you are willing and if you’re so desperate to be successful, please note this: 98% of the time life will knock you out. And it will knock you so hard that you will not even know what happened. Get used to it.
But there will be 2% of success, 2% of happiness, 2% of moments no price can buy. The moment of change.

Be brave! Never do the same mistake twice, and remember: If you have never tried you never failed.


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