A whole lot of disappointment!

Before telling you anything else, let me share with you you this: In life, things will not always go as you expected to go. You will be disappointed and you will be knocked down, but during these moments you actually grow and develop your understanding about things…

When I was younger, like now I was trying to build something, to create, and I was getting constantly disappointed by the results. Actually no results. Every single day was the same old story, and it was becoming harder and harder every day to try to convince myself that I’m actually capable of doing something good.

You know, I was getting up early in the morning ( 6 – 6:30 ) and each day I was thinking like: This is it! / This might be the big day! But it did not happened and that day never came. Do you want to know why? This took me a lot of years to understand but finally I realized.

The reason I always failed was that I never did something being 100% sure that will work. I hesitated a lot of times. I’ve lost my confidence (and even now I’m not sure what am I doing ) .

Here is something really interesting about disappointment:


Now let me tell you this, and try not to make the mistakes I did: You will never be successful until you give your best shot. Until you go ‘all in’ and you say “no matter what happens I will do my best and I will work day and night to make my dream come true”. If you manage to say to yourself that and keep that promise, then God help us all!

Hope this inspired you to keep going, and remember: Nothing is impossible.Impossible is possible and possible is never impossible. Get it??


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