I have recently started a ‘mini book’ about Money and Success. I will try to update this blog with chapters so stay tuned and be sure to check me out daily.

This book started as a book of inspiration for me, and ended to be a source of inspiration for many others so I decided to help you out and give it to you for free.

The first chapter is called: “Money & Success, the one thing you’re missing! “.

Let’s start from the very beginning and let me tell you that in this unfair world there are only two type of persons:

  • the ones who build
  • the ones who steal

I think that by now you already know which way is the easiest, and let me tell you even more: If you’re looking for quick methods to get rich, well, you most definitely are not building anything.
If you want both money and success for a long term, well you must build something.

Now let’s get real and talk about yourself:
Who are you? What are your goals and who are your friends?
Do you want to be successful? Anybody can be successful! Anybody.

There is no magic formula that will bring success into your life and there are no such things as persons born to be successful.

“You are the result of the choices you took among the years you’ve wasted!”

Stop looking for inspiration and start thinking! Stop thinking and start doing! Start doing and keep going.

No one can tell you how much time will take for you to be successful because no one knows how much you are willing to sacrifice in order to achieve that goal.

You see: To get something you must first give something, you must sacrifice. That’s the life and it’s never going to change. Nothing is free. Get used to it!


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